The sun in the bank - nectarines for the winter

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More recently, in the canning season, housewives were content with all the well-known, familiar vegetables and fruits, but recently it has become fashionable to send the most bizarre combinations or fruits to jars. Since now there is no lack of fruit, you can buy any on the market or even grow it on your own site, and the number of recipes has increased several times. Nectarines are one of these fruits that are remarkably suitable for preservation, delighting with their unique aroma and impeccable taste. They are ideally suited for any preparation: jam, jam, and compote will surely occupy a worthy place on the shelves of the basement. The main advantage - canned nectarines perfectly complement any dessert.

Canned Nectarines "Solar Fantasy"

Compote according to this recipe turns out to be amazingly tasty, and the aroma after opening the jar will be spread throughout the house for a long time.

Fruits can be used to make pies, homemade ice cream, a layer of cakes. Having shown a little fiction and imagination, you can get delicious jelly from the syrup, which will certainly become the subject of discussion at the festively set table.


  • 530 g of nectarines (medium or small, since they will be sent to jars intact);
  • 900 ml of water;
  • 330 g of sugar sand.


  1. Before preparing the preservation of glass containers, it is advisable to pour boiling water inside.
  2. Rinse nectarines well, removing spoiled or too soft. Put in jars, filling no more than two-thirds of the capacity.
  3. In a stew-pan, bring water to a boil, immediately fill the container with fruits. Cover with a lid (loose), wait a quarter of an hour. Using a special lid designed to remove liquid from cans, drain the aromatic water back into the saucepan.
  4. Pour sugar in hot liquid, boil for several minutes, making sure that the crystals melt completely.
  5. Pour the syrup into a container of fruit, immediately seal. It is necessary to cool the canning down with lids. This will help to check the quality of the capping (if the sweet liquid seeps out, it means that the seal is broken, be sure to take a new cover and roll it in a new way).

"Sun in the Bank": Canned Nectarines in Syrup

Nectarine is one of the most delicious varieties of peach, but has a sweeter and more pleasant taste, a large number of vitamins useful for the body and an exquisite aroma. Stocking up for the winter with such a wonderful and useful preservation of fruits in syrup is the main duty of every self-respecting housewife. A great simple recipe will help you cope with this without the hassle of spending quite a bit of time.


  • 700 g of sugar;
  • 900 g of nectarines;
  • 1 liter of 500 ml of water;
  • 3 g of citric acid.


  1. Arrange carefully washed nectarines (medium size) on a paper towel or napkin, and dry a little.
  2. While the fruits are dried, prepare the container. Rinse one liter jars with detergent or soda, rinse thoroughly and several times. Be sure to sterilize after washing. Ideally, this can be done using the oven - send banks there and turn on 100-150 degrees. Covers are also subject to heat treatment, boil them without elastic for several minutes.
  3. Fill containers with dried fruit. On the stove, cook sweet liquid from sugar and boiling water, pour nectarines, after putting a little acid into each container.
  4. Put the container filled with nectarines in a pan with a wide thick bottom, covered with a towel. Pour hot water, sterilize for 12 minutes.
  5. After sterilization, seal the preservation, rotate the covers with your fingers, checking the quality of the closure, and send it upside down for cooling.

Recipe for Canned Nectarines with Vengerka Plums

At home, you can quickly make delicious jam, nectarines are amazingly combined with plums of the Vengerka variety, and lemon juice will give a light refreshing sourness. The result is a great addition to pancakes or pancakes, which all family members will enjoy.


  • 450 g plums (Hungarian);
  • 980 g of sugar sand;
  • 550 g of nectarine;
  • 200 g of lemon;
  • 300 g of oranges (you can increase the number).


  1. Washed and slightly dried soft tissue with nectarines cut into slices, while eliminating the bone.
  2. Rinse plums, also dab with a cloth. Cut into slices, removing each bone.
  3. In a large container, mix the pieces of nectarines and plums. Pour with sugar, send for 5 hours to a dark, cold place, not forgetting to cover with a lid or towel. Stir gently several times during this time.
  4. Put the mixture of nectarine and plums on the fire, squeeze the citrus juice directly to the container.
  5. After boiling, note the time, boil for exactly 7 minutes. Pour preservation in containers (thoroughly washed and dried), roll up. After the lid has cooled down, send to the basement.

Jam "Fantazer": a step-by-step recipe

If unexpected guests rush into the house, the question of how to treat them will disappear by itself - gourmet jam will turn an ordinary bun into a delicious dessert for tea. It is also an ideal filling for pies, especially if you add a few nuts. If the hostess's hands grow from the place from which she is supposed to, she will certainly find a lot of options on how to use the amazing fragrant delicacy.


  • 1 kg 500 g of sugar sand;
  • 240 g of lemon;
  • 900 g pears;
  • 950 g of nectarine;
  • 900 g of oranges.


  1. Turn pears washed and peeled with a blender into a smoothie. Pour into a container intended for cooking jam, add a glass of granulated sugar, turn on the fire.
  2. Blanch the nectarines for a few seconds, and then rid them of the skin. Cut into small slices. Pour them into a container with mashed pear, and pour a glass of sugar.
  3. Gently peel oranges by removing white fibers. Dice and with a glass of sugar, send to a bowl of fruit.
  4. In a small container, combine 200 ml of water with the remaining sugar sand, squeeze the juice from the lemon here. Put on the stove until the mass boils, grind the zest of lemon. Cook the syrup with the zest for several minutes, making sure that the syrup does not burn, stirring occasionally.
  5. Pour boiling liquid into a container with boiling fruit, cook for an hour.
  6. Immediately put in a clean container made of glass (be sure to dry and heat before packing).
  7. Cool in a room with room temperature, after which it can be stored for storage in a dark place with a cool temperature.

“Gourmet”: a recipe for an excellent dessert of canned nectarines

Stunning preservation in the form of fragrant jam will certainly turn into the pride of any housewife.

The main thing is that you can take nectarines even slightly immature or soft, there is no difference, they will certainly turn into a delicious dessert.


  • 1 kg 130 g of nectarines;
  • 1 kg 600 g of sugar sand;
  • 340 ml of water.


  1. Rinse fruits in cold water, pat them lightly with a paper towel or towel. Cut into quarters, while removing the bones and spoiled places. Pour fruit slices into a large cooking container.
  2. In a small saucepan, bring water with sugar to a boil. Cook until all crystals have dissolved, stirring with a spoon.
  3. Pour boiling syrup into fruit slices. Carefully stir the mass and place in a darkened room with a cool temperature.
  4. Three times to do the following process - drain the sweet liquid, bring to a boil over high heat and pour the fruit quarters.
  5. After the last pour, keep the mass for several hours in the cold, put on the stove and turn on a strong fire.
  6. After boiling (do not forget to stir regularly!) Reduce the heat to medium. Boil for 45 minutes. Pack the jam in dry hot containers and immediately roll up. Air cooling, upside down.

Nectarines in syrup for the winter (video)

Even if you do not have a garden with wonderful fruit trees, it’s worth buying a few kilograms of aromatic fruits in order to taste the exquisite taste and enjoy the unique aroma of fruit preparations. Canned nectarines will certainly bring a lot of pleasure on a winter evening, filling the cozy home atmosphere with warm summer memories.


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