Mash beans will save from vitamin deficiency

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In the beginning of spring, the well-being of not only the sick, but also healthy people often worsens. And what can make a person healthy in a "vitamin-free" time? First of all, fortified, healthy raw food. And, besides fresh vegetables and fruits, the role of lifesaver can be played by germinated seeds of cultivated plants.

Many enthusiasts of "live" products germinate cereal grains, legumes and other crops. As a result, vitamins, microelements that strengthen the immune system, which the body needs, are available for the whole year. Sprouts can be grown from the seeds of many plants, but, according to scientists, the most medicinal and nutritional properties of one of the Asian types of beans - mung bean, also called golden beans.

How to grow? Masha seeds are recommended to be sown to a depth of three (for heavy soils) to five (for light soils) centimeters with a distance between plants in the row of 12-17 cm and a row spacing of more than 50 cm. Since plants are susceptible to frost, they should be sown at the end of May . It is advisable not to soak the seeds before sowing, but to plant in a previously watered soil in rows or in holes of 2-3 peas.

The plant is unpretentious to soils, practically does not require watering, but reacts positively to cultivation after each rain. Especially does not need top dressing. Moreover, mung bean contributes to the accumulation of nitrogen-rich protein compounds in the soil. On the site, it is desirable to create a favorable microclimate for golden beans: surround the area occupied by him from the east, north and west with corn or another tall crop.

By the way, the mungle painlessly withstands minor shading. Harvest closer to October. If necessary, the pods must be dried and threshed. Seeds remain viable for a record 12 years, but it should be borne in mind that the beans are adored by mice, so it should be stored in a securely closed container.


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