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Stubborn is a small variety of plum. It is more hardy and can grow in different regions without fear of winter cold. The average height of the tree reaches 3 meters. The trunk of the thorns is covered with thorns. Fruits are most often used for harvesting. Stubborn is similar to thorns, but its fruits are larger, with less astringency and more sweet, their color is bluish-bluish.

For propagation, basal shoots are taken, which, with proper planting and care, easily take root and begin to bear fruit. The best time to plant stubborn is mid-spring. If possible, the soil for planting seedlings must be prepared in the autumn. The place must be on the sunny side, otherwise fruiting will be scarce. At the chosen place, dig holes for planting and fill up with compost with the ground. In spring, the offspring of thorns is separated from the mother's root and landed in a prepared hole. Before planting, in about 10 days, lime and eggshell are added to the pit.

The method of breeding stubborn stems is used quite rarely. Bones are planted in early spring in a special greenhouse. After germination of seedlings, the greenhouse is removed. So seedlings grow up to two years of age, and then planted in the main place. Stem has a deep and strong root system and so that it does not grow, slate sheets are buried at a meter distance in the area around the tree. The instillation depth should be 1 meter.

When fertilizing with mineral fertilizers, stubborn fruits sharply increases fruiting. Once a year, mineral and organic fertilizers are applied to the trunk circles. The earth around the tree is mulched. In the form of organic fertilizer there is a mullein; it is bred per kilogram per ten liter bucket of water.

For better fruiting, several different varieties of thorns are planted on the site. The best varieties of stubborn are: Uzbek stubble, Ozovat stubble, Solyanovsky stubble, Volzh stubble, Demson Big Mecca.

For better growth and fruiting, all young shoots should be removed. In the early spring, all frozen and withered leaves on the prune are removed. After pruning, it is better to leave 3 or 4 main branches, which then grow, and the tree turns out neat and not thickened.

All this will help to grow a small seedling into a healthy and strong tree, which will delight with annual high yield.


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