Rose Mary Rose: Characteristics of the Variety and Variants of Application in Landscaping

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Rose Mary Rose is a popular variety from the collection of David Austin, with abundant flowering and other outstanding characteristics. It was bred in the UK more than 30 years ago and to this day is at the peak of popularity in many countries, including Russia.

Variety Description and Characterization

Description of the variety, as well as the characteristics provided by the originator, fully reveal all the advantages of Mary Rose roses:

  • very long and early wave-like flowering;
  • almost complete absence of breaks between flowering waves;
  • close to ideal growth pattern;

  • the formation of a branchy and very powerful rose bush up to 1.5 meters high;
  • increased resistance to common diseases at all stages of the growing season;
  • the formation of very attractive bright pink flowers with a cupped shape of old roses and a strong aroma, with a diameter of 70-80 mm at the stage of full disclosure;
  • the attractiveness of the flowers due to the well-defined core and wavy petals, bent outward from the outside, and bent toward the center from the inside;
  • decorative appearance given to a rose by inflorescences-brushes, consisting of 3-7 flowers;
  • long, strong and spiky shoots with an average level of leafy.

How to plant a rose

The disadvantages of the variety include a tendency to shed and burn out the petals and not too high decorative foliage, which can also be affected by black spotting.

Mary Rose was used as a parental variety in breeding such famous varieties as Winchester Cathedral and Redoute.

Growing recommendations

Before planting, the root system of the plant should be trimmed and soaked for a day in water with the addition of a rooting stimulator. In a planting hole measuring 50x50 cm, you need to add a mixture of humus, compost and garden soil. When planting, the vaccination site should be buried in the ground by 7-10 cm to prevent the formation of wild scion growth. After planting, the aerial part of the rose bush needs to be spudded: this will improve its rooting.

Growing English roses in a home garden is not too difficult. It is enough to carry out a set of measures aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for the growth and development of decorative culture:

  • as the soil dries up, in the evening, irrigate at the rate of 5-7 liters of water per bush;
  • before mass flowering, apply nitrogen-containing fertilizers, and at the flowering stage, give preference to phosphorus and potassium fertilizers;
  • in the season of prolonged rains, the buds bloom quite hard on their own, so they need outside help;
  • timely remove all faded and wilted flowers to stimulate the formation of new buds;
  • timely remove weak, underdeveloped, old and diseased shoots;
  • to form larger flowers, perform forming pruning, which consists in shortening the stems by 50% of the total length;
  • at least three times per season to carry out preventive treatment of plants with pesticides or folk remedies;
  • to cover the bushes for the winter using the air-dry method.

Use in garden decor

Rose bushes are almost indispensable in the landscape design of garden and garden plots. Marie Rose is not only dense and incredibly beautiful buds, but also sensual aroma exuded during flowering. Rose is great for decorating rose gardens, and due to the large volume of leaf mass is widely used in mixborders. High resistance to diseases and winter frosts allows the use of the variety Marie Rose as a tapeworm.

Very successful is the combination of this rose with Slachys byzantina, three-veined anaphalis, Schmidt's undersized wormwood and Artemisia stelleriatia. Marie Rose looks good in combination with pale silver-gray foliage and white flowers of the creeping Biberstein steeple. Hostas such as Hosta fortuneï, Hosta sieboldiana and Tardiana host are particularly attractive to the pink flower garden. Due to abundant flowering, the variety Marie Rose is used almost everywhere in landscape design.

Florist reviews

According to experienced florists, the Mary Rose variety is perfect for cultivation in northern floriculture and has proven itself when grown in the Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Kostroma regions. Positive feedback about him is based on the following observations:

  • in regions with unstable weather, Mary Rose bushes are extremely rare;
  • even under adverse soil and climatic conditions and snowy winters, the variety winters well;
  • in the cold summer period and in insufficient light the rose stably gives two powerful waves of flowering.

According to the observations of flower growers, the five-year-old rose bush of Mary Rose, even with inaccuracies in care, remains very neat, but sprawling: the size of its aerial part is 1x1 m. If the cultivation technology is observed, the plant forms a lot of flowers and their size reaches 12 cm in diameter.

The best varieties of David Austin

The rose blooms one of the first, and the last blooms, after the onset of a noticeable autumn cooling. In autumn, flowers last longer than other varietal roses, and have a brighter color. In the border, the adult bushes of Mary Rose look very attractive and decorative. Large inflorescences are evenly located on the bush, strewing it from top to bottom.


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