Flowers - the remnants of paradise on Earth

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The work of a true lover of flowers was published as part of a joint competition between Karcher and.

I am very sensitive to flowers. We have a private house, on the site there is a small forest garden. It’s just me who always dealt with flowers: every year. Engaged in planting new plants. The rich and abundant flowering is very pleasing to me and everyone around.

My neighbor and I also went to the forest, from there we brought several Vanka wet roots and forest violets. Very beautiful plants! In spring, they bloom profusely, overflowing with colorful shades.

Also on the site there are dahlias, gladioli. Unfortunately, there are few of them left, because after the flooding of the site where they were stored, they suffered. All that could be saved, I saved! Now everything is blooming profusely, but in addition to summer cottages, there are also house flowers!


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