Our small, beloved and cozy cottage

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We offer to visit our reader Andrei’s summer house, a story about which we publish in the framework of the joint Karcher and.

My name is Andrey, I want to tell you about my summer house. On our summer cottage there are beds and a recreation area. Our summer house is “summer”. And our summer begins in early spring and ends in late autumn.

In the country, both vegetables and fruits grow, and of course there are a lot of different colors.

From early spring, you can collect radishes, later grow cucumbers and ripe strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes ripen, we can say that in the country we grow vegetables for the whole family and all year round.

In the country, fruitful trees and shrubs also grow. We consider small apricot to be particularly proud, this year the apricot gave a good harvest. Every year, in addition to raspberries, a good blackberry crop is harvested.

Typical mistakes in building a house from a bar

The summer house is made of pine timber.

Country house from a bar

The foundation made of stone in solution, a laborious process, but worth it. After work, they searched for stones with my daughter, and at the weekend, having brought him to the country house in the trunk, he did masonry. Each stone has its own story, although it is impossible to remember all the stories, but there are stones with a special history. This spring, the house was electrified using retro wiring. I’m conducting the entire construction myself, as the saying goes, rest is a change in type of activity, therefore the best vacation for me is construction in the country, over time a lot of tools have appeared, so there are no difficulties in building.

This fall, we plan to close the season in the new summer veranda. It’s already worthwhile to cover the frame with shingles, tinted with azure and tiled the floor. Near the cottage there is a river with magnificent views.

Here is such a cottage in our Family, a small cozy and beloved!

p.s. Thanks for the contest.


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