Gladiolus Princess Margret Rose: rules for combining with other varieties

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Tall lush multi-colored gladioli for hundreds of years have been considered the decoration of any flowerbed. Gladiolus Princess Margaret Rose is distinguished by a bright red-yellow color and attracts the attention of gardeners.

We connect the most magnificent and bright varieties on the flowerbed

All gladioli belong to the iris familyx and planted with bulbs from mid-April to the end of May. They bloom from July to September. Blooms are usually spike-shaped, and the flowers themselves are funnel-shaped and can be of different shades and sizes. The plant variety affects not only the color scheme, but also the size of the flowers. The plant reaches a height of 70-90 cm, and the color can vary from white to dark cherry.

Princess Margaret Rose is a fairly common variety, which is planted with medium corms, from which a flower grows up to 80 cm high with medium flowers. Tubers need to be planted at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other so that they have room during flowering. Many gardeners like this variety due to the original color, namely - inside it is yellow, and on the inner edge it is painted in red. Such plants look very elegant in flowerbeds and in the front gardens and can become an ornament of any holiday. It is better to plant them in open areas, which the sun shines almost all day. In dry weather, they require plentiful daily watering.

How to prepare gladioli bulbs for planting

Together with this variety, gardeners usually plant such varieties as gladiolus valencia, gladiolus alpha, and Andrews.

Together they look like a real flower boom! From such a bed you can not take your eyes off.

For example, the gladiolus valencia is a flower with corrugated purple-white edges. This combination looks very gentle and beautiful. The size of the flower is large, the height reaches 1 m.

The real star of any flowerbed can be the gladiolus sea queen. Inflorescences of this variety are very large, lush, powerful and seemingly in a weak fold. Distantly they remind peonies in some way. The color is pale beige with a lilac or pink spot in the middle.

A traditional variety that is familiar to all gardeners is the gladiolus rose. Love him for the strength of the leaves and large inflorescences. Even in windy weather, these plants do not require additional care, as they are very persistent. It is usually represented by pale pink or peach flowers.

Large-flowered gladioli are the highlight of every garden and flower beds. These plants look very beautiful if they plant the entire front garden. Grade Princess Margaretpresented in the singular will look good, but a composition from different bright varieties will look brighter. Be sure to include in it grade alpha - a delicate lilac flower will decorate your garden and refresh any composition. It will be perfectly combined with this type and gladiolus andrews. In this case, your flowerbed, plot or balcony, decorated with these flowers, will cause the interest of all neighbors and friends.

To make the inflorescence glad with flowering, we water and fertilize

In order for the garden to please the eye, you need to know and take into account some rules when planting:

  • In one place, these plants can grow no more than 2 years, in the third year the site needs to be changed so that the inflorescences do not become smaller.
  • Try after replanting to select a plot of land with different soil.
  • Pay attention to where the planting material came from. Plants do not like climate change. For example, a bulb from Holland will take and will bloom, but only once. It is better to choose bulbs that are grown nearby - this is a guarantee that the flowers will delight you for several years.
  • Large bulbs are best planted separately, and small ones separately so that they no longer oppress them. The planting process should begin with small ones and end with larger ones so that everyone has a chance to grow and bloom.

  • It is important to consider the depth of landing. If this is not done, the plant may not bloom. So, the flower needs to be planted in light soils - to a depth equal to 4 bulb diameters, in heavy - equal to 3.
  • 3 days before planting, remove unnecessary scales from the bulb, otherwise it will not germinate.
  • After planting, water the plant every other day and preferably in the evening.
  • Choose a sunny area for planting, in the shade of inflorescences may not form.
  • The front garden, where the flowers grow, should be ventilated so that the fungus does not start in the petals.
  • If flowers are planted, for example, on a balcony in a sandy loam, it is necessary to additionally feed with fertilizers. It is better to use those that can be applied from a spray bottle.
  • In the heat after watering, be sure to spud the soil around.

How to plant gladioli

Some people believe that gladiolus is a coarse flower that is more suitable for men, but this is a misconception. Today, it is such lush and large flowers like peonies and gladioli that are considered very stylish. They are used to decorate visiting ceremonies at weddings, they are purchased for congratulating young and birthday people. Therefore, if you want to decorate your flowerbed, choose a bright variety of Princess Margaret Rose. The highlight of any front garden will delight flowering until the end of September.


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