A bed of dahlias: rules for design and combination with other plants

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A flower bed of dahlias is a great solution that can transform any space. It is these flowers that are used most often and are very popular. Dahlias have an attractive appearance and are unpretentious when grown.

Plant benefits

The flower beds on which dahlias grow always look great. Among dahlias, a huge number of different species stand out, differing in shape, color and other parameters. This variety is advantageously used by experienced gardeners in the design of flower beds. In the latter, various terry varieties can be harmoniously combined. In addition, there are semi-double species that look no worse.

Flower beds are especially interesting, in which there are specimens with inflorescences resembling a disk with several tongues in shape. A lot of attention is paid to pompom dahlias, which have the shape of a ball.

Dahlias are painted in almost all colors of the palette, which allows you to brightly decorate the flower beds. Particularly attractive when decorating flower beds are pastel shades. The peculiarity of dahlias is that it is extremely attractive both in a single execution and paired with other flowers. There are various schemes that, when designing a flowerbed, involve focusing on a particular variety. This option looks advantageous precisely in the central part of the flower garden, and its outskirts are formed by lower-growing plants.

Unlike other flowers, dahlias do not require the creation of special conditions for care. Like most plants, they need warm weather, direct sunlight and proper moderate feeding. Otherwise, the flowers become weak and do not please with abundant flowering.

How to form a flowerbed of flowers

Flowerbed decoration

In order for the flower bed with dahlias to look beautiful, you need to resort to various tricks.

The most successful place for arranging a flower garden is considered to be a platform, which in the daytime always receives sunlight. There may be shrubs, but they should not be too tall or dense.

The plot of land should have a flat surface. It is best to use terraces where you can successfully combine different varieties of these colors. If dahlias are first grown by seedlings, and then transplanted into a flower garden, then the plant will bloom for a very long time. This is usually from July to October.

There are cases when flower growers prefer to plant dahlias on personal plots. They look extremely profitable in park areas, on alleys and numerous intersecting paths. You can arrange a flower bed in front of buildings and structures - so it will serve as an exquisite decoration for the latter. But for this you need to correctly calculate the size of the flowerbed. Its width and length may vary. The shape of the flower garden can be in the form of a rectangle, triangle, oval, etc.

If the area is problematic, for example, there is a high level of groundwater or heavy rainfall, then it is better to choose a surface with a slight elevation in the central part. The most beautiful flower gardens are recognized, on which dahlias are planted by variety. In this case, you need to adhere to the color palette, plants should be monophonic. To make the flowerbed interesting, you can create a border of flowers. For this, low-growing dahlia varieties are used, for example pompons.

Dahlias are perfectly combined with other flowers, which can also be placed in the marginal parts of the flower bed. Such dahlias are often combined with dahlias: daylily, knifofiya, reedweed, feverfew and others. Dark-leafed dahlia variety is best suited for the design of flower beds in a group with other flowers. Its interesting shade of foliage stands out against the background of other plants. Dark cherry, brown and bronze shades incredibly beautifully combined with bright tones of inflorescences. Thus, this particular variety is used to highlight certain areas of the flower garden.

Mixborders, which include different varieties of large-flowered dahlias, are often planted along the alleys and paths of parks and squares. There can be both annual and biennial plants. Mix feature: blooms in autumn, summer and spring. Flowers are planted separately, in thoughtful groups of 3, 5 or 10 plants of the same variety.

How to make a flower bed in the country

The flower beds on which dahlias are planted are an excellent solution for any grower. To enhance the result, you can combine dahlias with other species and varieties of perennials. And to achieve the highest effect, you must use the recommendations of specialists.


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