Country oasis in the arms of the forest

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The competition received another job. Skorokhodova Veronika invites you to visit her beautiful country house.

My cottage is located in the Tambov region, it can be said in the depths of the forest. The soil is sandy loamy, acidic, so cultivation of cultivated plants is not easy.

But we do not give up and try to make a piece of civilized space and the kingdom of beauty in the middle of the forest.

Our cottage is an echo of the USSR: an old chopped village house, without any frills. Yes, and we are not “new Russians,” so we have to do what we have with our own hands.

We always welcome guests! For us, a summer residence is a meeting place for friends and relatives who come to us from all over Russia. The house even has a whole wall of photographs of everyone who has ever been with us and some memorable events.

A place where there is no noise except for the singing of birds and the movement of the wind.

A place of rest, fishing, adventure in the forest and, of course, winter harvesting, its own, environmentally friendly, from the depths of forests and the heart of Russia.

Our cottage is a laboratory for creativity, dreams and future desires, the main thing is to hope and believe and everything will come true, right?

A summer residence is a whole life: peace of mind, creation and quiet family joys! And God forbid that this be as long as possible!

Children have grown up and now there is little time to create something, to grow something like that! (except beds) And how much we manage to do is for you to judge! And we still have plans and ideas for a lifetime ...


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