Features of growing strawberries in Siberia

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What kind of berry is a priority among all berry crops? This is a strawberry, the cultivation and care of this berry in Siberia remains relevant. You can enjoy aromatic ripe berries now even in regions with a rather harsh climate. Leading breeders have created unique strawberry varieties for Siberia, ideally adapted to the rather harsh conditions of this region. Successful cultivation of perfect strawberries is now possible in harsh places. In order to acquire fragrant strawberries in your garden, you need to know its best varieties that are optimally suitable for Siberia.

Basic requirements for Siberian strawberries

Strawberry cultivation in severe Siberian conditions becomes possible only if the following requirements for this tender plant are met:

  • possessing a sufficient degree of frost resistance so that strawberries can successfully withstand severe Siberian winters;
  • the ability to quickly regenerate the green part of the bush;
  • the degree of resistance to decay of mature fruits and frequent damage to common strawberry mites;
  • such strawberry varieties should be distinguished by increased berry productivity with excellent taste characteristics, which are quite suitable for further transfer.

It is quite difficult to select the best strawberry varieties for these requirements, but it is possible to find the best varieties of strawberries. In order to reward the family with aromatic ripe berries, it is necessary to cultivate several varieties of garden strawberries at once, differing in the period of fruiting, unique unique taste, and the size of the berries. You need to know exactly the care features of each variety of them.

Some nuances of persistent strawberry varieties

Any crop requires proper care in order to get maximum yield. First you need to take care of the careful preparation of the land for planting strawberries. Any strawberry does not tolerate if before its planting in the beds solanaceous varieties were cultivated. The place should be out of reach of the spring water stream, be absolutely open to the penetration of sunlight, rich in nutritious humus and fluffy soil.

Caring for persistent strawberry varieties in Siberia requires strict adherence to the irrigation regime, regular weeding of weeds, ensuring proper nutrition, removing new mustaches, seasonal mulching. Seasonal care and soil preparation must begin in the autumn. Before digging the strawberry beds per 1 square meter of the formed bed, a nutritious mixture of a bucket of healthy humus, 0.5 liters of natural wood resin and 30 g of balanced fertilizer on a purely mineral basis is introduced. For the planting of large repairing varieties of strawberries, it is proposed to double the mixture.

Growing large-fruited strawberries requires the creation of beds no more than 50 cm wide, the permissible distance between the beds should also be at least 80 cm.It is advisable to plant large varieties in fairly spacious beds in a row, a suitable width for them is 1 meter. Such is the care for such unpretentious varieties of garden strawberries.

The next planting of mature seedlings must be done in early spring. Planted seedlings must be covered with a special covering material for a period of 10 days for the necessary adaptation. Repairing strawberry varieties should not be disclosed until the first ripe berries appear. After 3 years, it is necessary to transfer mature plants to other prepared beds, you can add useful wood ash to the holes of strawberries at any time convenient for gardeners.

Strawberry care in summer in Siberia

Optimal strawberry varieties for the harsh conditions of Siberia

Suitable varieties for Siberia are in practice the proven effectiveness of mature seedlings. As such, it is customary to consider the following varieties:

  1. Berd sweet and sour strawberries. With careful observance of the basic rules of necessary care, it can bring a huge harvest. In Siberia, it is recommended to grow under special cover.
  2. Russian Darenka. These strawberry varieties stand out for their lush bushes with large leaves. Subject to the necessary care requirements, it pleases with an early and fairly abundant harvest. These strawberry varieties are ideal for growing for sale. The main conditions for obtaining a sufficient crop are metered watering and metered application of the necessary fertilizers. Sudden changes in temperature do not scare strawberries. Darenka is distinguished by resistance to attacks of the main pests and fungal diseases.
  3. Fragrant Black Prince or Kama. This variety is bred by leading Polish breeders. Its ripe fruits are distinguished by a catchy red color and a slightly sour taste. Berries are juicy, with sufficient density. One ripe bush of this garden strawberry is capable of producing up to 1 kg of fragrant ripe berries. It withstands cool temperatures, is quite resistant to the dry period, but it is very prone to brown or white spotting. High-quality processing with special antibacterial agents will help to maintain the integrity of the crop.
  4. Omsk early strawberries are a variety of culture specially developed by domestic breeders for the special climate of Siberia. A similar variety is characterized by high yields, it is practically not susceptible to various diseases. In the photo this variety is represented by a rather lush bush with red berries, which can be immediately noticed because of their amazing aroma and sweet and sour taste.
  5. Dessert strawberries of the Amulet variety are distinguished by large-shaped fruits. One mature bush is able to produce up to 2 kg of the crop of these fragrant berries. The ripening process occurs simultaneously. Children prefer this amazing variety to other analogues for the rich sweet taste of ripe fruits. Skilled housewives with great pleasure are engaged in its seasonal conservation. The culture is not exposed to any disease, tolerates frosts excellently. In order to achieve the highest yield, it is recommended to land exclusively in early spring.
  6. The magnificent mid-early Tanyusha is the fruit of the successful work of the scientific staff of this region. Powerful fluffy bushes with compact rosettes and small fruits of intense red color - this is the main thing that distinguishes this variety from the rest. Tanyusha is a special kind of strawberry bred for this region.
  7. Sweet festival Chamomile is the result of the successful work of Ukrainian breeders. It gives quite large fruits with a unique sweet taste and unique aroma. For further transportation, this variety is not ideal. As evidenced by numerous reviews, Chamomile is good in any form: fresh, canned, in the form of aromatic juices and unique desserts.

    The bred variety is characterized by increased resistance to major diseases, good tolerance to temperature extremes.

To please the family with a magnificent strawberry crop, it is advisable to purchase mature seedlings on the spot, in special nurseries, and not order from somewhere far away. Only locally grown varieties will show a result that can surprise any beginner gardener.

To grow this culture is incredibly profitable, because no one can resist the delicious aroma of its ripe berries.

How to grow strawberries


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