How to plant strawberries under a black film

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Experienced gardeners who grow berries know how to plant strawberries under a black film. Strawberries are a very tasty and juicy berry. Many gardeners remove several dozen buckets of this berry during the summer. To get a big crop, it is recommended to grow strawberries on beds covered with a dark film. What is the strawberry planting technique, the advantages and disadvantages of this method?

Growing strawberries under the film

To get rid of weeds and provide sufficient water access for strawberries, it is recommended to plant it under a moisture-proof material. It can be a simple black film or roofing material. A similar procedure is called mulching. Using mulching, you can achieve the highest quality soil. The feedback from those gardeners who grew strawberries in this way is very good.

The following advantages of this growing technology are:

  • weed protection;
  • reduction of water evaporation;
  • soil structure improvement;
  • earlier ripening of berries and obtaining the first crop;
  • lack of need to water plants every day.

This method of planting strawberries does not require special knowledge and skills. All work can be organized by one’s own efforts. There are some negative aspects. These include the possibility of burning leaves due to overheating of the soil and excessive insolation. It is known that black attracts the sun's rays. This also happens with film material.

Ventilation worsens, which leads to an increase in soil temperature. The second disadvantage is the short term of use of the material. The black film needs to be replaced every 2-3 years, as it breaks. Planting early strawberry varieties in the presence of freezing can lead to plant death. Moisture accumulates under the film, which, when the temperature drops, can turn into ice. Condensation may cause death of all plants.

Preparatory phase of work

To plant strawberries under the film, you need to prepare. You must do the following:

  • get a dark film;
  • prepare the ground;
  • identify a place for planting plants or seeds;
  • buy fertilizers and strawberries themselves;
  • prepare the land and the necessary tools.

To plant strawberries (strawberries), you need to stock up on a black film. She must not let in light. It is better to purchase a matte color material. It is better that the material is dense, which cannot be said about toilet paper. Instead of a film, agrofibre can be used. The thickness of the material should be more than 0.05 mm. It is very important to prepare the place correctly.

It is best to plant strawberries on those beds where potatoes, garlic, radishes, dill, and lettuce were previously grown. Immediately before planting seedlings or seeds, it is recommended to plant the ground with oats, mustard or rye. It is not recommended to have strawberry beds with beds on which potatoes will grow. This is not the best neighbor for strawberries.

When growing strawberries under a film, you need to remember that this berry loves the sun and warmth, so the site should be well lit. It is better not to have strawberries next to trees and shrubs, as they have a large root system. To enrich the soil with mineral and organic substances, fertilizers, compost and humus must be added to it in advance, thoroughly mixing the ground. When planting early varieties of strawberries, the soil must be prepared in 2 weeks.

It is best to plant strawberries in the form of seedlings. It can be grown from seeds or purchased in a store (on the market). The best seedlings are those that are in small pots. Plants must be healthy and have at least 3 leaves. Strawberries need to be selected very carefully. The following grades of this berry are most demanded:

  • "ruby pendant";
  • "Asia";
  • Alba
  • honey;
  • "giantella";
  • "wondrous";
  • "festival";
  • zenga;
  • "Victoria";
  • "Masha".

Before planting strawberries on film, it is necessary to take into account the climate, the ability to regularly water the plants, the resistance of the variety to frost, heat and temperature extremes. An important property of berries is transportability.

Planting technology

After purchasing black paper (film), it needs to be spread on a bed. It is recommended to do this in the spring, and not in the fall. The width of the film (paper) and the beds should be the same. The bed must first be loosened and leveled. Along the perimeter, the edges of the film can be fixed with stakes or covered with earth.

When planting strawberries under the film, holes will be required in which the plants will be planted. For this, holes with a diameter of about 15 cm are made with garden shears.

Bushes should be located at a distance of at least 25-30 cm from each other.

If there are several beds, then between them you need to make a gap of 80-90 cm wide. Films with ready-made holes are on sale.

In black paper (film), you can make 2 small straight cuts. No need to cut large circles. It is necessary to close the hole in the film as much as possible. Before planting strawberries under the film, it is necessary to soak it in water, which will facilitate the process of removing an earthen coma from a glass or pot. No need to plant seedlings too deep. Be sure to water all the plants and lightly tamp the ground near each bush.

Strawberries under the film

Strawberry Care Rules

Strawberry care is of the utmost importance. The presence of pests, hard soil, irregular watering, weeds - all this reduces productivity. When planting strawberries under the film, the plants need to be watered manually with a watering can. In subsequent times it is recommended to use a hose irrigation system. Watering from a watering can is suitable for small beds.

The easiest way is to extend the hose, making small holes in it through which water will flow. The end of the hose must be closed with a stopper. The hose must be buried in the ground next to the strawberry seedlings. This will ensure constant soil moisture. Watering is often carried out using sprinklers. Watering plants along the furrows is possible.

Strawberry care is not limited to watering. Be sure to protect plants from pests. It is required to periodically loosen the soil and fertilize it. If fertilizers were applied before planting strawberries, then the next top dressing is done after a while. For this, superphosphate, ammonium nitrate, and biohumus are used. Proper care of strawberries will allow her to absorb mineral and organic substances, become juicy and sweet.

Care in the second year in spring includes the removal of dried leaves. Only green shoots are required. The soil must be loosened and fertilized if necessary. If a sheet of black paper (film) is not suitable, replace it. In subsequent years, it is necessary to cut off all the strawberry mustache. Thus, growing strawberries under a film requires careful care of the plants and the efforts of the hosts. If you follow all the recommendations, then in the summer you can enjoy juicy, large and sweet berries.

Planting strawberries in cover material


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