What to do with a pear if the trunk breaks

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Two years ago, they bought a summer cottage, the trees on it are no longer young, but they give good harvests. And there is a gorgeous pear on the site, which gives large juicy fruits. But she began to break (she has two powerful trunks). Why it happens? What to do? Is there any way to save a tree?


Most likely you will have to get rid of the trunk that breaks. It will dry out anyway. I don’t know if there are any ways to grow a trunk. If you want to save a tree, then most likely it makes sense to save at least one of the trunks. You can still use the boom if the barrel broke in two. But it is more suitable for young trees. You can also try to apply a garden var to the place of breaking and wrap with polyethylene, leaving it for a couple of three years.


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