That it appeared on a baby orchid

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What is it on baby orchids?

and I think so

But how so? They have on the stems of peduncles ...

Is it a miracle? In general, the color of this orchid is such in the photo below. Doesn't it look like?

It can be a baby !!!! let it grow !!! Then you will see! Yes, there are kids on the flower stalks too

I know that this is a baby)) I'm interested in what is in the center of the baby! There are many children, and only one such thing

the bud is not strong enough, will soon fall off. This happens sometimes. Do not smear cytokinin?

wanted and even bought but did not have time, the kids climbed themselves)) Maybe then to remove it or wait?

Yes, he himself will give up the juices and fall off, children usually do not climb from a better life, what about ratenia itself?

when they gave it to me the roots were in a terrible state. I had to cut a lot, the buds themselves quickly fell away. But now everything is fine with her

probably this contributed), the water is drained to the end of the current, the pot after the strait should dry for a maximum of 3 days, and it should be dry around the same time, otherwise the rot will go again

drying promotes the growth of new roots, and without drying, flowering is a rare occurrence

that is, you need to completely dry the root? In my photo immediately after immersion in water. I water once a week, I'm afraid to dry too much, because kids are

Well, if there is no drying, then the mother will most likely lose a good share of the roots and possibly lose the turgor. everything will be thrown from itself on children. I just saw from the bottom of the pot the water is like., So I would have to drain it.

I have a pot without draining, watered and never drain or dry, it blooms regularly.

horror ... can you even see it ?, forever the water is standing in the gosh; it turns out chtoli ?, and so in general - flowering is not an indicator for orchids. They can bloom even without roots. I would like to see how your water in the pot stands and what’s going on with the roots

yes, maybe horror. The husband bought such pots, I had to plant them. I try not to flood too much. Now the roots are poorly visible. Husband watering flowers while we are at the cottage. But it looks something like this

Irina-Victor, well, even this photo shows that the roots “run off” in this vessel, everyone climbs out of the pot into the air - which once again proves that they don’t need such a swamp and need drying. When watering the right roots, on the contrary, stretch into the bark. And the strong salinization of korea is here, the roots are all brown, or fertilizer in a strong concentration is poured, or the water is terrible, I would definitely not drink it personally. And in general I am silent about the trunk, I didn’t even bother to remove the remaining leaves: /

Andrey, I was at the cottage without communication. In Fri there was a photo immediately after the dive, now they are like that. They won’t drink until Fri.

now I'm in the country and almost without communication)), in principle, the condition is good, it’s embarrassing that the roots do not grow, try to slightly increase the time between waterings, especially if there is moisture at the bottom of the pot, evaporation goes on and it’s considered to be the same as watering, in they feed on nature mainly from evaporation (there is stomata through which it feeds even below the leaves), in general, it is necessary that a completely dry period is present between irrigation

well thank you! Increase the interval


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