When to sow ornamental cabbage for seedlings

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Question to those who plant decorative cabbage. How much time goes from sowing to decorative qualities? Or does she become so beautiful after the first frost? Who, when and at what time sows seedlings? Thanks to all.

I listen

Mom planted! Just like with ordinary cabbage!

I have several, I took a look to see what grows out of it. Today she looks like this

Not to say that beautiful, but by September, probably, it will be what it should be. Honestly, bullshit, only, maybe, if you make a separate flowerbed with it.

Japanese breeding is good) immediately eaten by caterpillars) as with the usual average term. After frost preserves decorativeness, for which they love

I have from the word cabbage already twitching eye ... And then there's DECORATIVE ...

the monument in the photo is untethered !!!

As usual in April seedlings.

Plant only in a well-lit area. Otherwise, the leg will stretch.

Ornamental cabbage, planted seedlings as well as ordinary. She can be chemistry so that no one ate, she will be beautiful

I have a little less. Also, all sorts of insects burst, as usual)))

I don’t understand how they grow. She planted, grew, transplanted, as a result, two heads of cabbage are large, two are small, but they pulled out a couple, they were very tiny, tired, they just took up a place. All sat in one place.

themselves this year the first time planted) Mom gave seedlings. She had a whole flowerbed that year, chic, she kept her beauty until frost

Thanks to everyone. I didn’t even expect the admin to quickly post the question, usually in the void. It can be seen and with this cabbage will be torment, so beautiful in the pictures always. They write on the Internet that first they grow it in another place, then in August to a place. But about what they’ll eat.

send a photo how it becomes color, you have it so cute, no one eats?

the monument is not mine - thank god

pah, pah. So far, only phlox patients. Brassica cabbage. We have a flowerbed very far from the garden, maybe that's why. The garden is buzzing, bastards. Although, caterpillars were seen on the stonecrop. I’ll show how beautiful she becomes

thanks, good luck

Girls, just another question - which variety is better than a climbing rose - so as not to cover. I will buy in a garden center that has been tested with a guarantee. And the choice is huge


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