Do I need to pick off the bottom leaves of cabbage

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These lower mugs, do you think, dear gardeners, let them grow like that? Do not tear them? I know that they feed the goat, can anyone have a different opinion?

Planted onions on greens (seeds) in a snail - I wonder if it will work out? Who will tell me, then plant it in a greenhouse or on the street, and when? This year some experiments with snails.

It’s fun to experiment, I also planted a snail, yesterday I sprinkled zemlyoks, I won’t dive (there is no place on the windowsill), I’ll observe,

Then we will share what happens.

Tell me, I planted Danilovsky onion in a snail. Has grown 6 cm. To cut it or not?

Magnitogorsk, today decided to plant tomatoes and eggplant in the garden, but at night under the shelter all the same. Fear and pity the labors!

We, near St. Petersburg, can have freezing frosts by June 10, they are now planting in the greenhouse both inside the arc and in the covering. Tomatoes, indents, planted on March 18, also stretched out, the rest is nothing so far.

I looked at the weather for a week: (it will be colder in Tunisia. I’ll land it myself today-tomorrow.

I looked for a month. In Chelyabinsk - wonderful

If only forecasts came true, I also think to start planting today.

I will land today. Tatarstan

Miass I planted a long time ago, today even the greenhouse was not closed for the night

Better now, according to the forecast, then it will be hotter. But now, too, to obscure the covering. Chelyabinsk

Will tomatoes go under the cover? Cucumbers have not yet planted? Flax, we and your neighbors (Almetyevsk) are also namesake

Also going to land tomorrow in about. G, I’ll cover it. Ivanovo

No, I will not cover, cucumbers on the trail. A week I’ll plant when they germinate, two days ago I planted them in a box. Zucchini the third day on the street.

Thanks! Then we will also land! We have rains loaded, good yields

Magnitogorsk! First landed under the bottle, withstood the snow! Now under the cover of “42”

I'm afraid to ask about my Novosibirsk 🙂 I want to plant tomorrow. I think we need to stock up on cover.

I planted already 3 days ago in a garden under arches with a covering, remarkably simple

Our forecasts laugh simply and only. No one predicted snow. And he fell

Plant while cloudy and under cover у better under 60ku️

Maria, I will plant all the tomatoes in Og tomorrow / the day after tomorrow. Without a covering. Tolerate until June 10 is simply impossible. 🙂 I will also plant eggplant and peppers in Og, but I will cover it for the night. Still, I want to believe weather forecasters, maybe the heavenly office will not let us down

Natasha, isn’t there any extra cabbage? I would buy. And then the market is fraught. I’m a scientist, you can’t take there.

I distributed everything that week. There were a lot of leftovers. Che have not written before

Yes, I was not in the city

I planted, I do not know - is it right or not. Just nowhere else 🙂

So I have nowhere and a place in the greenhouse is left. 🙂

Plant boldly, do not throw it away. I’ll put two tomatoes in pots altogether. I gave away part of the seedlings, but two left - I’m sorry to throw it out, I’ll plant it in 5-liter pots on the street: it will disappear or not, interesting. The hand does not rise to throw them away - so much fussing with them at home

Similarly! You can still put in bags, as an option. 🙂 Last year I tried, it was also a pity to throw it away.

And how - did they bear fruit or not?


5 liter for tomato is very small. Maybe better bags? Although if you cut off the bottom of the bottle and the bottle is on the ground, then the roots will find their way below the bottle and then everything will be OK.

Buy a couple of bags of liters per 10 soil - not enough, then no luck

Throw more grass there. Or have you until it has grown?

I am at work for the second day to vomit. There is nowhere else - I don’t have, my sown oats, although it has sprouted, but the clay has dried up, it has grown 5-7 cm and that’s all - there is almost no rain. While I am tearing the mulch, but there is another problem: snails in the dream, many snails. I’m risking bringing them to my place 🙂 In the infusion it is possible - they will drown, but the mulch needs to be dried, wilted first - they will crawl away, otherwise the khan 🙂

Yeah. You have the most difficult part about which when I heard something

Today I wanted to take a photo - it didn’t work, I’ll throw it off on the weekend, if it doesn’t work out earlier, you will see everything for yourself

Fruited! 🙂 sorry planted late, so there would be more crop.

And today I broke them and stuffed them into currants. They were with buds, but the leaves were already marble, I hadn’t fed them for a long time, suffocating. Let currants be protected from aphids a couple of days.

Yes. Sorry. : (can they put them in bags there?

Late, I broke them - I turned the container over, and they grunted. If it were strong, then it’s another matter, and rooting out the suffocates does not make sense 🙂 So let the currants be fumigated with a tomato smell 🙂

Well, at least they will come in handy.

Leaves can not be picked, only yellowed, but you still do not have such.

I agree with the girls. Leaves are life. And under them is always moisture.

And I clean some and freeze cabbage for borsch for the winter. There I also add all greens and beets to the package.

I forgot about beet greens, I also need to freeze it, thanks for reminding me

How did you manage to save cabbage from leaf-eating pests?

I don’t even know, I haven’t sprayed anything yet, having poured sprinkled with cold water and polystyrene on sticks from the cabbage, that's all.

And I often sprinkle with tabazole and I also do not eat cabbage leaves


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