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Hello, I recently acquired Spathiphyllum. The store told me that in no case should it be transplanted until spring, but on the Internet it says that it needs to be transplanted two weeks after purchase, regardless of the season. How to proceed? Flowers faded, new ones climbed, but some were flawed. Why?


Basically, these tropical plants are purchased in flower shops. Therefore, the first transplant will be required for the flower 2-3 weeks after its purchase. Immediately you can use a more spacious tank. Usually, for each transplant, you need to take a pot that would be only 1 size larger. This is called transshipment.

By the time this plant needs a transplant, spathiphyllum, as a rule, occupies the entire space of the pot. Of course, if the care was carried out correctly. The root system, occupying the pot, leaves strength for flowering. But do not forget that when your pet blooms, it is better not to disturb him. In this case, it is better to transplant the plant after the inflorescences have faded. The ideal time for such events is the spring period.


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