When to plant potatoes in 2019

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Potatoes are one of the most significant vegetable crops for growing. Potatoes, even for many modern urban families, remain a staple food. In addition to the well-known taste, it attracts in the planting of this culture, first of all, simple care. In anticipation of the new harvest season, most summer residents are discussing when to plant potatoes for seedlings in 2018.

When to plant potatoes in 2018: signs that you should pay attention to

The key to a successful harvest in the case of potatoes is the right choice of planting and sowing potatoes. Experienced summer residents consider several factors that affect the quality of the future crop. It is important to pay attention not only to traditional advice regarding planting dates, but also to respect the signs that successful gardeners have followed for many years. Suppose in ancient times potato planting dates were associated with Easter, varying potato planting depending on the important date.

Experienced agronomists advise, first of all, to decide on the purpose of planting potatoes.
You need to understand why a summer resident needs potatoes. There may be many options, but take the most popular:

  • For your own needs, based on the summer;
  • For sale;
  • Stocks for the winter.

In the first case, you need to hurry. In order to eat tasty young potatoes in the summer, you need to plant it in April. Theoretically, you can catch it later, but most likely it will not have time to grow.

According to the main national sign, it is worth looking at the earthworms before seating. If they began to swarm in the ground, then this is a sign. Plants in such soil can grow rapidly. Accordingly, the soil warmed up to the required temperature. Potato fruits will feel comfortable in such an atmosphere.

For stocks for the winter, on the contrary, you should not rush. If at the beginning of the season you need to look at worms, then in the case of a late harvest, your main guideline is dandelions. Until they bloom, don't even think about sowing potato seeds. On average, agronomists are advised to think about planting in mid-May. Dandelions begin to bloom at this time. Many people make the mistake of planting potatoes on May holidays, taking advantage of the availability of free time. Remember that it is better to wait and take your time than to get a poor-quality crop in a short time.

When to sow potatoes on the lunar calendar: features of 2018

An important factor for the modern summer resident is a favorable date in the lunar calendar. Of course, you can be skeptical of this type of analysis, but it will not be superfluous to know the favorable dates for planting potatoes in 2018.
March 26 is an ideal day for laying potato tubers for germination. Favorable days for landing, according to the lunar calendar, are expected on April 1 and 20. If you will plant in May, then try to start sowing on May 7 or 18.
Traditionally, it is better not to work in the garden on days:

  • Full moon;
  • New moon
  • Solar or lunar eclipse.

On such days, the land is not susceptible to your efforts, and in the future it threatens a poor-quality crop.

When to plant for seedlings

Among the enterprising gardeners, the method of growing potatoes from seeds is becoming more and more common. The main advantage of this method is to save money. Potato seeds are several times cheaper than tubers. In addition, seeds, unlike tubers, do not require a cold cellar for storage and can easily endure the severity of the weather. Add here the immunity of seeds to viral diseases.

Recently, the seedling method has gained great popularity. This is explained by the fact that with this planting technique there is a high probability of getting an early potato crop. Seedlings grow in a few weeks, and it can safely be planted in open ground.

With this method, you can grow potatoes in a greenhouse. If everything is done correctly, then you can get a much larger crop for eight months a year, excluding the coldest times.

When planting seedlings, tubers are best prepared in early March, but the main guideline is not specific dates, but weather conditions.

Traditionally, the peak of planting for seedlings occurs in the last decade of March. With such a schedule, in April you will build up green mass. In the worst case scenario, it will be possible to plant potatoes in the ground during the May holidays. The main thing is not to forget that seedlings can grow in a few weeks and you will need to vary the timing depending on weather conditions.

If you begin to grow a vegetable at the wrong temperature, then at night with deep frost it can die at all.

When to plant potatoes in 2018: the best days to work in the garden

2018 is a very favorable year for the harvest. April looks especially positive in this sense. This month, almost half the days for potatoes promise a rich harvest.

The main rule of 2018 is not to plant potatoes at the end of April.

Dates from the 26th to May are unfavorable. If you dare to go against the advice of agronomists, then expect a crop that is prone to disease and vulnerable to

Agronomists with experience are waiting for the perfect calendar day to coincide with the wonderful weather conditions for planting potatoes. It is important not to rush here. Often beginners make the mistake of doing work in the garden on a perfect day according to the calendar, but not complying with the seating rules
according to weather conditions.

Dates of planting and sowing potatoes in Siberia, in the Urals

Naturally, the timing of planting and sowing potatoes, for example, in the suburbs is very different from Siberia and the Urals. Theoretically, it can be imagined that some particularly risky agronomists in central Russia are already starting work in February. In Siberia and the Urals, a similar approach is impossible.

The climatic conditions of the Urals are not much different from Siberia, but nevertheless in the cultivation of potatoes, even small differences tend to affect the quality of the product. The harsh Ural climate leaves no chance, for example, to Belarusian potatoes.

Traditionally, the weather in the Urals is very unstable, but there are dates checked by time. On average, the main temperature fluctuations occur in the spring, so the likelihood of decay of early tubers in the soil is very high. At the same time, late plantings in June also do not have a positive reputation. Of course, there will be some kind of harvest, but much lower than the average level.

The ideal time, according to Ural agronomists, lies in the period from May 10 to May 15.

Here you already need to look at the weather conditions in this period of time and choose the most suitable day. Over the past few decades, there has not been a single year in the Urals that during this period all days are not suitable for planting and sowing potatoes in terms of weather conditions.

Planting potatoes in Siberia

It is also logical to plant potatoes in Siberia no earlier than the last month of spring. On average, residents of Siberian regions begin landing in mid-May. There are some exceptions in the westernmost regions where, with a certain combination of factors, seedlings can be started in the first days of May.

Landing in Siberia is possible when the soil temperature is stable and does not drop beyond the eight degrees mark. The main thing is to start already in full confidence that the local harsh climate will not bring surprises, otherwise you can say goodbye to the whole crop.

Potato, although it is a simple vegetable crop, but does not forgive neglect of yourself.

The main thing that should be remembered for those wishing to grow potatoes in 2018:

  1. Choose several dates suitable for planting;
  2. Correlate them according to the lunar calendar and narrow the range of dates to five to seven;
  3. Choose a day ideally suited to the temperature regime for planting;
  4. Pay attention to the absence on this day of the full moon or new moon;
  5. Analyze weather conditions for a week in advance.

When to plant potatoes to get a big harvest (video)

The secrets of growing potatoes (video)

If you clearly follow the instructions and advice of experienced agronomists, the potato harvest will not only be rich, but also will come on time that is right for you.


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