When to plant onions for seedlings in 2019: terms and signs

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Onion is not only one of the most healthy vegetables, but also one of the most popular for growing in our lands. Few people do not want to grow this vegetable at home, since, in their opinion, this is not an easy task. In fact, dealing with any seedlings is not so difficult. This article will talk about when to plant onions for seedlings in 2018 and how to do it correctly.

When to plant onions in 2018: signs worth paying attention to

Competent gardeners always turn to folk wisdom for advice on proper sowing, because, as you know, people have noticed truthfulness for centuries. In the horticultural business, there are many signs that are for people working with planting a kind of guide.

Regarding such a vegetable crop as onion, several signs are also folded:

  1. If sowing was scheduled for spring time, then the terms of work must necessarily coincide with Lent. Namely, the onion should be sown on the fourth or fifth day of Lent.
  2. If in the yard you can hear how toads and frogs croak, the planting of the bow should be delayed. If you neglect this rule, not a single vegetable will sprout in the ground.
  3. You can’t plant onions on Palm week, it can bring misfortune.
  4. Sowing, planting, digging, in a word, carrying out any work in the garden is strictly prohibited on Good Friday. If this ban is violated, heavenly punishment will fall on the gardener and his whole family: crops will be destroyed, and people will face a series of troubles.
  5. Sunday is better not to plant onions. The best days for landing are Thursday and Friday.
  6. Evening is the wrong time to work in the garden. Planting onions should be either early in the morning, or before lunch.
  7. If daffodils bloom in the garden - it's time to do the onion seedlings!
  8. Vegetables will grow well if there are large leaves on the oaks.

When to sow onions according to the lunar calendar

Competent and experienced gardeners always "consult" with the stars in order to get a rich harvest. According to the lunar calendar, gardeners have been working for many years. So, in 2018, February is the best month for sowing this vegetable crop.

What days in February are considered the most favorable for working with this vegetable?

  • 3.02.
  • 4.02.
  • 11.02.
  • 12.02.
  • 15.02.

On other days, you can sow and plant vegetables, but it is highly recommended not to do this from 7.02. until 9.02. You do not need to engage in onion seedlings before February, as the street will still be quite cold. But if such a decision has already been made, then the best day in January for planting this crop is 8.02.

As for the remaining months, the following days can be distinguished:

  • In March: 3.02, 27.02, 30.02.
  • In April: 1.02, 23.02, 27.02.
  • In May: 17.02 and 18.02.

For seedlings, they usually use planting containers, but for sowing seeds, they take high-quality soil.

How to work with onion seedlings

  1. At the very beginning, you need to choose the right seeds. They should not have any fungi or parasites. For prevention, it is recommended to carry out a disinfecting procedure with seeds. To do this, they are placed in potassium permanganate, preheated, for 15 minutes. After that, the seeds are placed in cold water for hardening.
  2. Stage two - seed germination. To do this, you need gauze. Gauze tissue should be wetted with water and leave seeds in it for 4-5 days. They should stand in a warm place.
  3. At the third stage, seeds that have already managed to germinate are immersed in the soil. In order not to damage the process, it should be gently picked up with tweezers and pulled up. Further, a small hole is made in the ground, with a depth of 1.5 cm, and the appendix is ​​immersed there. There should be a small distance between the seeds, otherwise they will not be able to grow further, because if you plant them very close, they will be crowded.

For planting onions, turf soil mixed with humus or peat is considered ideal. The container in which there will be seedlings should be filled with this mixture and rammed it a little.

After 10 days have passed, it will be possible to wait for onion shoots. On day 10, it is recommended to feed seedlings a little. You can use liquid top dressing.

In order for the onions to sprout well, for all these days the soil must be regularly moistened, it is better to do this twice a day.

Seedlings must be in a bright place. The window sill is considered an ideal place for it, since the plant will have access to sunlight, which directly affects its development.

When to plant onion seedlings

Greenhouses for onion seedlings can be used in gardening, but if this occupation is not significant in scale (i.e. a large crop is not planned). You can grow it on a windowsill at home, using a special container.

The best time for seedlings of this vegetable is the beginning or mid-March. So that by his landing he was already 3 months old, it is better to plant onions in the period from March 10 to 20. The distance between the rows should be about 5 cm, otherwise the plants will not sprout due to crowding. Seeds should be planted with earth approximately 1-1.5 cm. The temperature in the room where the onions were planted should be at least 20 degrees Celsius.

Regarding top dressing:

  • The first feeding should be no earlier than the tenth day after sowing, i.e. of how the first shoots appear.
  • The second top dressing is done in two weeks.
  • The third top dressing should take place in a week.

In this case, each time the amount of dose should be increased.

When to plant onions in 2018

After the seedlings sprout, it can be prepared for planting. In 2018, the best time for this will be May, or rather, its middle. But before dulling directly to the planting itself, the leaves of onion seedlings should be prepared. To do this, they are trimmed by 3 cm. This is necessary so that the evaporation surface slightly decreases during the period of transplanting seedlings into the ground. These rules can be neglected and trimming the onion after it is in the ground. However, as practice shows, if you cut the onion before planting, it will be less exposed to various diseases.

This vegetable crop is planted in equal rows. The distance between the plants in the row should be at least 5 cm, and each onion row should be at least 20 cm from the other. Caring for the planted vegetables is not much different from caring for their seeds.

Dates of planting and sowing onions in Siberia and the Urals in 2018

  • In Siberia and the Urals, it is customary to plant this vegetable crop in early May. The best days for this are from May 5 to 10. Onions are planted in small rows, approximately 20 cm each. In these parts, it is customary to grow it through the north.
  • In the Moscow Region and other parts of Russia, onions are planted either in February (as recommended by the lunar calendar) or in spring. In spring, the best days of the day of sowing and planting onions are: April 25 and May 5. When the onions are planted in the ground, they are watered and insulated with something, for example, with a film.

Growing onions from seeds

The secrets of good onion seedlings

It turns out that working with onion seedlings and the process of planting them is not such a difficult task. In fact, everyone can cope with them. However, planting onions is only half the battle; the most important thing is to follow the rules for caring for them after landing.


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