The timer for drip irrigation: the purpose, types and features of DIY manufacturing

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Irrigation measures are one of the main conditions for obtaining a high yield, and it is the timer for drip irrigation that allows you to improve the system, as well as make it as easy to use and highly efficient as possible.

The timer for drip irrigation: purpose, types and principle of operation

There are several classifications that allow you to subdivide devices into several types.

Depending on the type of control, a watering timer may be presented:

  • automatic control system. Such a timer is designed to perform watering in accordance with a predefined program. By means of such a device, it is allowed to control the amount of water consumed in the process of drip irrigation. A similar option belongs to the category of the most practical devices for greenhouse constructions. An undoubted advantage is the ability to program the most optimal and efficient irrigation mode;
  • manual or mechanical timer with the advent of automatic devices has become less popular. Such a low demand for manual equipment is due to the need to control the device.

Depending on the area of ​​use, the controllers may apply:

  • in the territory of garden plantings. Here can be used electronic, mechanical, automatic, ball and other types of devices. They are used for fluid intake from a centralized water supply system or a special tank;
  • on garden ridges it is best to use a ball water controller, but mechanical or electronic timers of the islisad type have proved themselves to be worse, which allows you to set the optimal water supply conditions for ridges with different cultures;
  • in greenhouse constructions, the use of a drip irrigation system, which is equipped with an autocontroller, is required.

Manual watering timer

Used today several types of controllers classified by type of water supply:

  • drip irrigation with timer. The most popular and sought-after option, completely eliminating the possibility of running into water overruns and excessive waterlogging of the soil. Irrigation measures are carried out in accordance with a well-planned water supply scheme. The advantage of this design is the slow flow of fluid and the ability to fertilize with liquid fertilizers. System controllers of a similar design are characterized by the presence of a humidity sensor, which makes it possible to detect the state of the soil;
  • spherical irrigation controllers can be either mechanical or electronic. The main advantage of the mechanical timer is the ease of maintenance and operation. Immediately before the launch, it is required to establish the optimal time frame for irrigation activities and the duration of irrigation. Electronic devices involve programming the date, time, as well as selecting the necessary program that best matches the botanical features of the crop. Irrigation is carried out by the pressure generated by the pump.

The choice should be made depending on factors such as soil and climatic conditions, irrigation area and the type of plants grown.

Advantages and features of operation of the crane with a timer for irrigation

A high-quality autowatering crane is characterized by durability, ease of use and incredible ease of use. The timer allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • providing irrigation with a given intensity and optimal frequency;
  • prevention of waterlogging of the soil and decay of the root system due to the measured and slow water supply;
  • prevention of sunburn on foliage;
  • providing local irrigation, which reduces the risk of rapid growth of weeds.

With all this, it is necessary to take into account some disadvantages of application:

  • the use of a classic irrigation system connected to a centralized water supply and fan sprayers causes a simultaneous switching on and a noticeable pressure drop when using one standard timer;
  • the tap water used is cold enough, which often causes hypothermia of the root system of too heat-loving garden and flowering plants.

It is necessary to follow the connection procedure and use only high-quality and reliable connecting fittings that can withstand high water pressures. Otherwise, an uncontrolled liquid spill may occur, which can cause flooding of plants and a strong over-expenditure of water.

How to make drip irrigation with an automatic timer

Making a mechanical water timer for do-it-yourself watering

You can perform a simple device quite easily and with minimal time and money costs yourself. At the same time, a correctly executed home-made version, in most cases, does not differ much in functionality from finished, factory products. The response time of the water timer is determined by the action of a drop, and the tank performs the functions of ballast. Leaking from the tank, the liquid reduces the mass of the structure and the water supply starts.

Arrangement of the water timer is carried out using a water barrel, a ball valve, a pair of sheets of sheet steel or plywood, a canister, construction glue and a spool of conventional sewing thread. The smooth functioning of the system will require some refinement of the ball valve in the form of fixing a small pulley-beam to the handle. Thus, it is possible to carry out the opening of the handle tilt crane.

The pulley must be built from a pair of identical plywood circles glued together using building glue. If metal circles are used, then their connection is carried out by bolts. It is required to wind several turns of a strong cord on a pulley. When constructing the lever, the segments of the cord should be firmly fixed at the edges of the structure. On the free ends of the cord you need to attach a load-ballast, which allows the lever to operate.

Regulation of the mass of containers is possible by adding sand and adding water. Also, as a weighting agent, you can use metal chips or lead shot. Capacity filled with water, we perform the function of a timer. In the bottom of such a container, a very small hole must be made through which water seeps. The device is activated by installing a water tank for irrigation on a flat surface. Bottles for balance, filled with sand and water, are suspended using a cord on a pulley.

Overview of automatic watering timer manufacturers

Today, there are a huge number of timer controllers that are installed on various irrigation systems, but The following models have proven themselves best:

  • electronic model Ga-319, battery operated and designed to control the operation of automatic water supply and irrigation systems. It features simple and flexible settings, a wide range of values ​​and compatibility with single irrigation systems. Liquid can be taken from a tank or water supply, and the head is regulated by a pump;
  • model S-538 tuned for sixteen irrigation programs and working thanks to a pair of batteries. The device is optimal for installation in gravity irrigation systems;
  • Рalisad-66191 with the ability to set the time frame at the beginning and end of work, as well as the frequency and duration of hydration. Installation involves the use of sixteen programs that are suitable for different cultures. The best option for arranging gravity irrigation systems;
  • manufacturer Raso produces a whole line of timers, including mechanical and electronic models, which automatically shut off the water supply line. Such devices have a simple design and ease of operation.

Electronic watering timer

Well-established manufacturers offer rain and humidity sensors, as well as filters and a diaphragm pump, for controllers.

Irrigation timers are very widely used both by summer residents and small farmers in order to ensure the correct and timely dosing of water supply for any plants. In addition to ease of use, such devices can significantly save energy, time and money.


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