Growing wild strawberries in a flower pot at home.

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What is guaranteed to cheer you up in the winter? Fragrant strawberries in a pot at home - this is the best way to feel the unforgettable taste of summer! Fresh juicy fruits will be a favorite treat for both adults and children.

Solid benefit

Strawberries, grown in a nutrient substrate at home, are rich in nutrients and are considered to be one of the most delicious berries. It contains a record amount of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that stimulates the production of immune bodies in the body. Red berries from a supermarket shelf often contain nitrates and are treated with preservatives, in the winter they are tasteless, and their price is inadequately high.

Growing strawberries can be a fascinating hobby for both an experienced gardener and a person who has not previously been familiar with this practice. Joint care of the plant is a great activity that can unite the whole family. Observation of the growth of a living fruit-bearing plant will have a beneficial effect on the emotional state of an adult. For the process to immediately interest the child, it is necessary to make the strawberry pot visible and always pleasing to the eye. Decoration with decorative figures, artificial flowers and butterflies will help turn it into a unique piece of furniture.

Secrets of success from experienced gardeners

Strawberries in pots on the windowsill are not so common. Why? The only difficulty is to select suitable varieties in which the growing season is extended over a considerable period of time. For example, a repair strawberry feels great both on a bed in an open ground, and at home. You can count on a good harvest, having a developed adult plant with a full root system.

It is worth noting that strawberries can be grown in any apartment. A great place for her will be the space near the window, where the outlet will have access to sunlight. You can try to build vertical shelves along the window slope, on which containers with ground will be placed. In the evenings, it is necessary to turn on additional illumination with lamps (for example, for 1-3 bushes, you can use a table). When watering, be sure to ensure that excess water does not accumulate at the growth point, and try to prevent droplets of water from getting into the outlet, on the stems and leaves.

How to care and grow strawberries at home in a pot

Repairing varieties

If there is free space, you can try to grow strawberries in pots in a slightly larger amount. The best choice among other species will be a remontant strawberry, capable of laying fruit buds all year round. Inflorescences located in rosettes in the wild are pollinated by insects, so they will need to be pollinated artificially.

If strawberry cultivation will be carried out in a room without windows and natural daylight, it is worth equipping a special illumination system that can work properly, simulating a full daylight for sprouts. Both vertical and horizontal luminaires can be used here. A comfortable ambient temperature will help the bush to form new peduncles as quickly as possible. To wait for fruiting, it is important to exclude cold drafts, because flower stalks, and hence berries, appear only when the plant has gained enough strength.

Care for young plants

How to grow strawberries at home? Half of the success is quality seedlings. During the formation of the mustache, young rooted rosettes are separated from the mother bush and planted in a moist nutrient substrate (humus mixed with sand in equal proportions). Prepared soil is poured into a pot or container, then gently crushed with its fingers, slightly compacted to remove excess air, leaving vertical fossae in the middle, 3-4 cm larger than the diameter of the root system. Then a seedling is placed in the middle of each hole, paying attention to its growth point remaining above the ground. Do not fill the substrate to the very edges of the cup. After 3 weeks, the plant will be ready for planting by transfer to a permanent place.

The depth of the root system is approximately 20 cm, so the height of the container should not exceed this value. The minimum diameter of a cup for a seedling with two full (triple) leaves is 10 cm, for a plant with 5-6 full leaves - 20 cm. Sufficient lighting and moderate watering, loosening the soil and protection from diseases and pests are also important.

At first glance, growing strawberries can seem like a complicated process and cause a lot of questions. Detailed information on them should be looked for in reference books, you can also study photos and video materials, requesting advice from experienced gardeners on thematic forums.

Growing strawberries in flowerpots and buckets


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