Mushrooms in August: edible and inedible species

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Depending on the soil and climatic characteristics of the region, as well as the characteristics of the forest zone, the number of varieties of mushrooms can vary significantly throughout the mushroom season. Since August, connoisseurs of quiet hunting throughout Russia have the hottest days.

What mushrooms grow in early August

It is in the first half of August that mass fruiting of the most valuable species of mushrooms is observed. The development of mushroom lands during this period reaches peak values ​​of 95-96% in the territory of especially densely populated areas of our country.

View nameLatin nameCategorySpread
Oyster mushroomPleurotusSecond and thirdA substrate based on non-living plant debris, the trunk of dried trees
BoletusLeccinumSecondDepending on the variety, it can grow in both deciduous and mixed forests, forming mycorrhiza with birch trees.
Summer honey agaricKuehneromyces mutabilisFourthOn the stumps or trunks of fallen trees, most often on decaying birch wood
Real foxCantharellus cibariusThirdIt grows on the soil in bright coniferous and deciduous forests.
PorciniBoletusFirstIt forms mycorrhiza with many tree species, but is most often found in birch forests and oak forests, as well as in pine forests and spruce forests.
ChampignonAgaricusThirdSaprotroph, growing mainly on well-manicured soil and rich in organic forest soil
ValuiRussula foetensFourthMixed and humid forests with an abundance of birch and undersized shrubs
LoadRussula delicThirdThe main distribution area is represented by deciduous and mixed forests of the middle zone of our country
RussulaRussulaThirdThe main distribution area is represented by deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests of the middle zone of our country
GingerLactariusFirstIn glades, as well as in spruce or pine forest zones

Edible mushrooms in the second half of August

The second half of August is deservedly considered the most mushroom. It was during this period that the largest number of varieties of edible mushrooms appeared, which are very highly regarded by both mushroom pickers and nutritionists for their taste and nutritional characteristics.

What mushrooms can be harvested in August

View nameLatin nameCategorySpread
Meadow mushroomMarasmius oreadesFourthOpen grassy spaces - fields and gardens, roadsides, forest glades
The butterdish is grainySuillus granulatusSecondSpruce trees well lit with sufficient soil moisture
BoletusLeccinum versipelleSecondThe main distribution area is represented by deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests of the middle zone of our country
Trick deerPluteus cervinusFourthIt grows mainly on stumps and woody remnants of conifers, mainly spruce
Prickly raincoatLycoperdon perlatumFourthForest zones of different nature and meadows, felling
Field champignonAgaricus arvensisThirdMostly in deciduous forests with humus-rich soils
Funnel talkerClitocybe gibbaFourthDistributed almost everywhere in our country
Real chestLactarius resimusThirdUnder the beautiful fallen leaves in shaded and moist forests
DuvetBoletus luridusSecondIt grows on hillocks and slopes with a high level of humidity, in mixed and deciduous forests.
RussulaRussulaThirdThe main distribution area is represented by deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests of the middle zone of our country

Poisonous and inedible mushrooms of August

The beginning of August and the last decade of this summer month is marked by a decrease in temperature indicators over the greater territory of our country, which is very favorable for edible mushrooms, as well as for poisonous and inedible varieties. About ten species of dangerous mushrooms are most widespread in the forests of Russia. The massive peak of fruiting of deadly poisonous and inedible mushrooms occurs just in the last month of summer.

View nameLatin nameSpreadSimilar edible species
Patuillard fiberglassInocybe erubescensDeciduous, coniferous, mixed forests, park and garden areas. Prefers calcareous and clay soils. Most often forms mycorrhiza with beeches and lindensChampignons and Entolomes
False Foam gray yellowHypholoma fasciculareOpen grassy spaces - fields and gardens, roadsides, forest gladesFalse Foam Seroplate and Summer Foam
Sulfur YellowTricholoma sulphureumDeciduous and mixed forests rich in lime soilOther types of rowing and russula
False Foam Brick RedHypholoma sublateritiumDecaying wood and stumps of deciduous trees in mixed or deciduous forestsFoam seroplate and other types of honey mushrooms
Galerina edgedGalerina marginataIt usually grows on trees or near conifers and deciduous trees.Edible mushrooms
Satanic mushroomBoletus satanasIt forms mycorrhiza with most deciduous plants. Prefers forest areas with calcareous soils.Olive brown oak and speckled oak
Waxed TalkerClitocybe phyllophilaOn forest decaying fallen leaves and needles, it grows in large groups with the formation of large "witch" circlesOther varieties of talkers
Death capAmanita phalloidesIt prefers fertile forest soils, most often found in light deciduous and mixed forests.Champignon, russula green and russula greenish, floats, greenfinch
Common raincoatScleroderma citrinumSoil or rotten wood in light deciduous or coniferous forest zones, on soils of young plantings, in meadows, forest edges and clearingsEdible raincoat varieties
Amanita pantherAmanita pantherinaIt prefers forest areas with alkaline soils and forms mycorrhiza with almost any trees.Amanita gray pink

It should be remembered that poisonous species of fungi pose a special danger to children, and the number of deaths after eating such fruiting bodies reaches 90% or more.

Chanterelle picking in August

Mushroom places of Russia

In the most "mushroom" countries, mushroom picking is quite strictly regulated by law, therefore, compliance with the collection rules is monitored carefully. In many countries of the world there are special mushroom picker clubs, and a variety of mushroom travel cards have been developed, theme festivals are held, having visited which you can try the most exotic types.

Of course, mushroom tourism in our country has not yet received the widest possible distribution, however, the popularity of "silent" hunting is obvious. Among the most popular among domestic mushroom pickers and fruitful mushroom places are the following areas and regions of our country:

  • Tver region, at the recreation center "Medveditsa";
  • Tomsk region, as well as the territory of Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territory, where procurement companies specializing in the processing of mushroom products are located;
  • Vladimir and Yaroslavl region;
  • a significant part of the Moscow region;
  • Mikheevo village of the Komsomolsky district of the Kaluga region;

  • central and western regions of Karelia;
  • Kondopoga district - the village of Girvas, the village of Krasnaya Rechka, Tulgube and Luchevoy;
  • Loukhsky district, near Lake Engozero;
  • Gatchinsky, Vyborg, Priozerny and Volkhov districts of the Leningrad region;
  • Kirovsky district near the village of Sinyavino and the village of Mountains of the Leningrad region.

The undisputed leader in the number of mushroom places is deservedly Karelia. It is difficult to evaluate mushroom places by productivity, since each year the picture of productivity changes depending on external factors, including weather conditions.

Again in August

The most mushroom month in most regions of our country is August. From the first days there comes a peak of fruiting of saffron mushrooms, boletus, boletus and boletus. Also, a significant number of less valuable mushrooms appear, which include trevushki, rowovki and podgruzki. Remember: you must follow the rules for picking mushrooms and put in the basket only well-known, not overgrown and not wormy fruiting bodies.


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