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Many people who own a private house are thinking or dreaming of building a pool in their own area. For many, this seems problematic and involves a lot of difficulties, but in fact it is not. You can build a pool in a polycarbonate greenhouse, which will require small investments. In addition, you can use a similar pool not only in the summer, but also between the seasons.

Caring for the pool in the greenhouse and the advantages of using such a design

Most outdoor pools have a minus, which is the lack of protection from the environment. Trash or dust constantly gets into the water, so owners have to constantly clean and replace the water. In addition, owners will constantly pay a lot of money to repair or buy new water filters.

If we talk about caring for the pool in the greenhouse, then here the process is much easier and cheaper. Water protection in the greenhouse is due to its coverage. Accordingly, the owner does not need to constantly clean the pool. In addition, in the greenhouse it will be possible to swim not only in the summer, but also in the spring and autumn. Also, owners can optionally install a special heating system, thanks to which it will be possible to use the pool even in winter.

It is very good to use a polycarbonate greenhouse as a pool cover. In addition, such a greenhouse can be made with your own hands.

Previously, all greenhouses were made of glass. But this design has significant disadvantages. Firstly, the large weight of the glasses and the frame for them, secondly, glass, a very fragile material, thirdly, glass has high thermal conductivity.

Today, new material is mainly used and the coverings are made of polycarbonate.

In addition, it has several advantages:

  1. The material is light in weight;
  2. Durable enough;
  3. Transparent and no worse than glass;
  4. The falling sun evenly scatters the rays indoors;
  5. It bends perfectly, due to which you can create a design of any shape;
  6. Not subject to ultraviolet radiation;
  7. It has waterproof properties;
  8. It does not decay, is not subject to fungi and mold;
  9. Excellent flame retardant properties;
  10. Large gamut of colors;
  11. Easy to use and durable;
  12. Quite long sheets of material, due to which a minimum of joints is obtained.

Of course, the material also has drawbacks, and the main one is a high number of thermal expansion. But this drawback can be circumvented by using a special installation method.

In addition to the listed advantages of the material itself, it is also necessary to highlight the advantages that will be in the finished greenhouse from such material:

  1. The greenhouse can be purchased ready-made, assembled. Thus, you can not think about buying additional parts and do the calculation of the area and material.
  2. Polycarbonate walls let the sun through well, tearing down everything inside. From the outside, only silhouettes can be seen.
  3. Greenhouse arches can maintain the same temperature underneath. Thus, protection against cold, winds and dampness occurs.
  4. Being in a greenhouse, owners can not worry that they will be bitten by an insect, a snake and others.
  5. Due to the greenhouse effect, the water in the pool will always be warm.

Thanks to this design at the site or cottage, everyone will be able to spend time with his family, swimming in the water.

The choice of a greenhouse for a pool in a summer cottage

Since the presence of a pool in the greenhouse will create high humidity in the middle, you will need to choose a material that will be resistant to corrosion. It is recommended for the frame to buy material from aluminum or galvanized steel. After the material is selected, you should choose the shape of the greenhouse itself.

It is recommended to install such options on a summer cottage:

  1. Arched greenhouse is one of the most sought after. Excellent indicators of resistance to winds, and thanks to its shape, snow is better off the surface.
  2. Dome-shaped greenhouse - used for a circular pool. Nice view, but complicated installation.
  3. Pitched greenhouses - easily erected, but poorly resist winds and snow.
  4. Asymmetric greenhouse - has an unusual shape, is difficult to install and not very practical.

The greenhouse option in the country should be chosen, starting from the forms of land on the site, winds and the number of people. It is also necessary to take into account the dimensions of the pavilion itself.

He might be:

  1. Low - allows you to protect water from pollution during the period of non-use of the pool. They can be mounted on a sliding base or folding.
  2. High - allows you to walk in the greenhouse, put furniture, etc. In such a pavilion you can install heating. This allows you to use the pool year-round.

To enter the greenhouse, you can use any convenient type of door. All pavilions can be installed and assembled with your own hands.

DIY pool installation

The pool in the summer cottage should be made of such a size that all family members can swim in it at the same time. It is also recommended to consider potential guests.

There are 2 types of pools according to installation methods:

  1. In-depth;
  2. Surface mounted.

A couple of options for arranging pools in the country should be highlighted:

  1. The bowl can be laid out of reinforced concrete. To do this, put a pillow of sand in the pit, and then install the formwork and reinforcement. Next, concrete should be poured. At the last stage, it is recommended to lay the tiles.
  2. The bowl can be bought from plastic and buried in the ground. It is recommended to buy a bowl of propylene. Size and type can be ordered or bought any.

For any bowl, dig a pit that will be 30 cm larger than it. Moreover, this size should be larger not only in height, but also in width and other parameters. The bottom of the earth should be tamped and laid geotextiles after tearing. This will prevent the earth from being washed away from the water.

Assembly and installation of the greenhouse

After the pool is mounted, you can proceed to the installation of the greenhouse itself. By the way, it should be noted that if the pool without the appropriate skills is not recommended to be installed with your own hands, then the greenhouse in the country can be built and installed on your own.

For the correct execution of all work, you must follow these rules:

  1. Measure the area and pull the fishing line according to the set marks.
  2. Around the perimeter should remove the soil cushion with a height of about 25 cm.
  3. Make a trench for the foundation. His type can be any.
  4. It is necessary to make the formwork and put the reinforcing cage into it. Next, concrete is poured. Before hardening, put fasteners and guides. Concrete should cost about 2 weeks.
  5. The space between the pool and the foundation should be made of rubble and a sand pillow. Next, you can put tiles for sidewalks.
  6. Assemble the frame of the greenhouse. On the upper part you will need to install seals.
  7. Polycarbonate sheets can be installed on the frame. The joints are closed with special profiles, and the sheets themselves are mounted using washers with heat-resistant characteristics.
  8. At the end, doors and heating should be installed.

Pool-greenhouse at the cottage

To make a pool in the country and close it with a polycarbonate greenhouse is the best solution. This design will harmoniously fit into any design of the yard and will be a great place to gather family and friends. Do-it-yourself work will not only bring pleasure in the end, but it will also save a lot of money.


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